January 2, 2010

Angels in America

I've watched the perfect series/film for launching 2010 - Angels in America. It is interesting to note that so many of my favorite films feature Meryl Streep - Mama Mia, Julie and Julia were two that impacted me in the past year or so. Well, she's done it again with this film - although it is really the entire ensemble that made this film fly, literally.

Even more than the actors, it was the relationships that touched me so deeply. I have so much more clarity as to what I lived through for seven years. But in the end, it is your friends who help you see through the clutter and reach reality - whatever that may be.

In the film, Prior, the protagonist,  has a favorite angel - Bethesda - Angel of the Waters. Angels are weightless, yet grounded, delicate yet firm, animate yet unreal. In the photo above the film ends in front of this inspirational fountain. Over the past couple of weeks I've been exploring my local Angels. Perhaps I will find one who inspires me as well.