December 31, 2009

The Year of Living Your Dreams

For the past two years I've come up with a mantra by which I frame the 12 next months. Leading up to my 40th birthday it was the Year of Amy. For the past nine months I've had the Year of Research and Development. I declare 2010 The Year of Living Your Dreams!

I am reluctant to state the dreams I will pursue because, what if I don't actually pursue all of them? Or, the details of each dream change? Hum, is this already a lack of commitment to Living Your Dreams? OK, I'll outline some of the dreams I have for myself; a few that are within my control and others that depend on the convergence of opportunities, fate (or is it destiny?), happenstance and circumstance.
  • Continue to discover who I am and embrace my uniqueness. 
  • Deepen my relationship with people who I value - family and family-by-choice (aka dearest friends), colleagues and students.
  • Commit to ongoing learning. 
  • Take and post photos!
  • Teach as much as possible.
  • Travel internationally for business and pleasure - blurring the lines between the two.
  • Learn to salsa.
  • Host guests at my house and cook delicious meals for them.
  • Be financially sustainable, while saving money.
  • Live as simply as possible.
  • Smile from my heart.
  • Celebrate life.
  • Forgive but learn from each situation and be careful with my heart.
  • Care for my body and never skimp on health.
  • Honor my mind and never skimp on compassion.
  • ...and the one I can't control - meet someone who is strong, compassionate, fun, honest, and celebrates who I am. If this one doesn't happen, that's OK because I am happy with my life and am not alone.
So, I honor the closure of 2009 and celebrate the launch of 2010, The Year of Living Your Dreams, and raise my heart to the Blue Moon that shepherds us into the next decade. Namaste.