August 9, 2009

Using My Voice

I've found my writing inspiration in blogger and cook Julie Powell and author, cook and teacher Julia Childs as depicted in the new film Julie and Julia. In the film Julie is played by Amy Adams and Julia by Meryl Streep - who was my inspiration last year at this time in Mama Mia (interesting that Meryl keeps touching my heart in these roles about women finding themselves.)

Julie is a blogger who finds her voice in cooking 542 of Julia's recipes from Mastering the Art of French Cooking, in 365 days. This was her attempt to set and complete a short term goal, and what a journey. She did it! Julia, also adrift in her career, when she moved to Paris with her husband, (sounds like me in London) turns to cooking for her focus. As we all know, she did it too!

Note to self: I've found my voice in writing - writing that made me burst into tears. How powerful to recognize I have a voice and I'm using it. Now to follow my own lesson and go deep.