September 3, 2009

Thoughts on Being on My Own Again

Honestly, I am lonely here on my own. That is pretty silly considering that I have my front door open and my neighbors and their dogs are constantly sticking their heads in to say hello. We're all moving in at the same time since this apartment is newly renovated. I suppose it is just being alone that is hard - not being partnered. They all have partners and dogs. I have me.

Unpacking all my stuff from storage I have had to sort through everything to find the essence of Amy. There are so many great pieces of art - many of which were created by artists for me. It makes me feel loved and lonely at the same time. I suppose this is just the opening line in another chapter of my life.

Today I facilitated a full day retreat for one of my clients and the Music Director made a poignant statement about stories. Every story needs to have an ending that you're driving towards and drama, especially disaster, sells well. She was speaking about documentary film - challenge and overcoming it to reach your goal. Here I am facing my challenge. All kinds of old, layered feelings coming out.