August 12, 2009

Massage Under the Apple Tree

Once again Dan gave me a massage under the apple tree in our back yard. Yes, I am so spoiled here in sunny, warm California. He found all the painful spots - many from my bike crash eight weeks ago. We both agree that my knee injury is healing beautifully, my bike tattoo.

Usually I like to zen out and feel the massage full-on but this time we chatted on and on about life, the universe and everything. Turns out Dan is also a 1969 baby. He couldn't believe I was 40 - like I'm well preserved despite my age. As soon as we discovered we are of the same Re-Gen-Xer year our conversation got so much "more real". In fact, he said it was the most spiritual conversation he's ever had with a client. Clearly, he's not reading this blog.

Dan and I agree that age is a state of mind and we live our lives guided by our creative spirits. His takes him skateboarding and mine takes me bike riding.