July 30, 2009

Two Wheels Win

Having had four wheels for a few days I now appreciate the freedom I have with just two. For some reason I was constantly in that car driving all over the Bay Area and running errands. I could feel the tension rising as I attempted to merge into traffic and navigate my way around streets that are so easily ridden on my bicycle.

So, my grand conclusion is that I love riding Ike the Bike. He keeps me happy, healthy, relaxed, and flexible. It is a funny thing to say but I feel like with Ike I have more time to breath. Perhaps it is the BART rides or even the cardio-focus of pumping my own way along the roads. Driving a car is so passive and I was so distanced from life on the street.

Looks like I'll keep using City Car Share when I need it and otherwise take Ike, the bus and BART.