February 23, 2009

Reaching New Heights

Our programme presentation was amazing today. Tomorrow we are in Leeds to do it again and then Thursday in Bristol for our "final show".

Today was an amazing day for so many reasons the least of which was the fact that I presented in a room on the 3th floor with floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views of London. For some that would be amazing but for me the prospect put me into a sleepless panic for the past 5 days. But with the support of Simone, Leah and Martin I totally got over my fear of heights. It took many hours of meditation and previsualisation but I did it. Yesterday, in preparation, we identified what success would be for each of us at for me I was able to articulate a vision that had everything to do with strength. It worked! On a scale of 1 to 10 on a panic scale I maybe hit a .5 for a total of 3 minutes over four hours. Amazing!

I do so like working in the UK with such wonderful friends. How often do we get to live our dreams? Only when we imagine they can come true.