February 5, 2009

Making a Move?

Over the past 24 hours a thought has lodged itself in my brain - I think I want to move into San Francisco. Yes, I love Alameda and in particular Alameda Yoga Station. But, most of my social life and business is in San Francisco. Plus, I'll be honest, being single and living in the burbs is not cutting it any more.

Tonight I did the First Thursday gallery circuit with my peeps, many who are now part of www.meetup.com/BizArts and we had a wonderful time. One woman asked how I like being back in San Francisco and the first thing that came out of my mouth was, "I love it". That surprised me. She thought that perhaps my heart loves it but my mind is holding back. I think I'm ready to stop holding back. Going to wait until after my birthday to make any moves.