February 19, 2009

Ike vs. Calculator

Today was my first time on Ike in a long time since this is our first sunny day in about two weeks. I had a quick doctor's appointment down the street before leaving for the airport and Ike was the fastest way to make the trip. I have to say that it felt great to jump back on Ike.

Packing my last minute trip-essentials my thoughts, however, were with my new super geeky calculator and not about wishing I could take Ike back with me to the UK. Sorry Ike but that calculator is da bomb. I am addicted to using it all the time, even for the simplest calculations. I seriously contemplated taking it with me but I am actually renting it from school and had visions of leaving it on a train to be mishandled by someone who couldn't possibly need it as much as me.