February 28, 2009

Dreams Can Come True

Stayed at Michael's flat last night in Edinburgh following a lovely evening catching up with the Duncans. So good to see them after 15 months apart, and to have a home-cooked meal!

Had the strangest dream at Michael's. Dreamed that I lived with friends and we had seven or eight cats. They were using a giant litter box out front and when I went to clean it, turns out there was a big hole underneath, like a ruff pit. I then became concerned that they would fall in if we didn't cover it with planking.

As Michael and I left his flat this morning I noticed that his front garden had a hole that some kind of cat had dug overnight. The bits of fill were spilling onto the driveway. Michael was surprised and thought maybe it had been a fox during the night. So very strange because the garden is very much shaped like the cat litter "pit" in my dream. Was I out there scratching? Goodness me.