August 1, 2008

Commuting by Ike

Today marks the official close of my first week at work. I've been riding Ike the Bike for a portion of my commute. The first three days I parked Ike at the Valet Bike Parking at Fruitvale BART. However, yesterday and today I had dinner dates in the Mission so I took Ike all the way into San Francisco, parked him all folded up under my desk at work and then biked to my dates. How cool is that?

I think I'm getting stronger at biking too. It is so easy to just tootle along since most of the ride is flat. Plus, I'm working my large Gluteus Maximus muscles which are no longer on a holiday. Since I have to carry Ike up the stairs at BART and various other places I think I'm developing some rather good shoulder muscles too.

By the way, my new title is Manager of Consulting Services. Really cool.