May 4, 2008

Welcome Home

There is something oddly powerful about seeing the American flag flying when you arrive at customs and immigration. On past returns to the States it had no particular meaning but this time I was deeply touched. Dulles airport has a video display of images of people in their home settings from across the States on display as you wait in the passport line. I couldn't get enough of watching the faces flash across the screen. The customs officer said "welcome home" and I really did feel like I was coming home.

Had a fantastic welcome from my sibs - Marlene, Matt and his partner Rachel. I'm staying with Matt & Rachel in their DC house near the Potomac River. Was awakened by the chirping of birds, sunshine, green leaves, the breeze coming through the open window and fresh smells. Rachel just popped her head into the room to ask if I want something for breakfast and her dog Lucy said hello too. It feels like a bright new beginning.

Photos soon.