May 8, 2008

Ike has Arrived!

My two super boxes just arrived. They did well. Big box was all cut up and re-taped by Customs and Immigration. I think they were impressed with my innovative design. Ike looks great! I'll take him out for a spin to make sure all parts are working. We're having a bit of gooey rain so may wait until that clears up. Yes, also humid so the hair doing its thing.

The only broken item was a lovely bowl I bought in Edinburgh. However, it is raku and has a cracked style anyway so I'll try gluing it together. Should work out fine.

At least all my possessions are now in the US - however in many different States. Major collection still in Houston storage, two suitcases at Matt & Rachel's place in DC and now a menagerie of ceramics and my favorite books at Marlene & Mandeep's in Virginia. Oh yes, and Tika the Cat in Connecticut. I like to share the wealth.