April 9, 2008

Next Stop Washington, DC

I've been quiet for a few days as you can see following the flurry of posts this weekend. Many changes going on for me. In particular I am returning to the States on May 3rd, concluding my 18 months living in London.

This next step in my life I can live anywhere and do anything - I think I've been here before. This time I've decided to settle into Washington, DC. Like London, DC is a national capital with strong international connections. Living in London has sparked my interest in working across the US and the world. I want to continue on that ride.

I am going to return to consulting (did I ever really leave?) and am in the process of setting up a business called Leading-Together. The website will launch soon http://www.leading-together.com/ (you'll see tidbits appear in a few days). The business focus will be building sustainable community partnerships and developing leaders. Still perfecting the pitch.

My sibs live in the DC area and I am eager to be near to them.