February 7, 2008

Mall Blindness

Growing up my sister Marlene and I coined the phrase Mall Blindness. It is the phenomeon that happens when you do enough shopping that suddenly all the outfits that you thought were hideous and not your taste are things you find yourself buying. The disorder lasts just long enough for you to arrive home, unpack your bags and ask yourself, "what was I thinking?" The illness hits twice as strong during sales season.

I suffered from Mall Blindness today but thankfully I wasn't at the point of sale. It was more a kind of mind-shift from hanging with my super fashion friend Nicole who is visiting from San Francisco. She is always dressed in the height of fashion and looks amazing. Over the past two days we hit all the shops that make me go "ick" but somehow she puts on the outfits and looks awesome. Today her friend Liz joined us from Barcelona and the two of them went back to the shops Nicole and I hit and they went sale-crazy. Instead of my normal "ick" reaction I heard myself saying that I actually thought their items looked good. You just have to widen your lense, take off your Amy-filter and it all starts to make sense. Oh wait, I'm back home again and it really is "icky" afterall. It must be a 24 hour virus.