February 29, 2008

Dickensian England

Living in London and working so close to the haunts of Charles Dickens' characters I figured I better read his writing. Oliver Twist was my first attempt and boy was it dark. Many of the streets mentioned in the book are close to my office in Kings Cross. In fact, our offices are on Pentonville Road which is a primary location in Oliver's twisted life.

It is incredible to imagine that the tiny, twisted side streets that I venture through each week were so dirty and depressing not long ago. Kings Cross is ever-improving and now that the Eurostar is stationed at St. Pancras the area is going into an economic boom. Many of the buildings are recent construction but you can still easily find bits of Dickensian England in the neighborhood.

Roman Polanski seems to have made a film of Oliver Twist - now that seems like an appropriate director. Poster of the film pictured above.