September 22, 2007

Shall We Play a Game?

After visiting the Geffrye Museum we met up with two of Stephen's work associates who were on the first leg of an ambitious adventure - to drink at pubs located on all the streets featured in the London version of Monopoly. It's called the Monopoly Pub Crawl. Yeah, they're nuts.

The cool thing was seeing a variety of pubs, many of which are located near my office! Along the way we actually passed folks dressed as Monopoly characters. Yeah, they're nuts.

Here are photos of Marrion, Bob and Stephen on the Metro tube line looking quite pissed after five gin & tonics in 2.5 hours. Why that drink? Quickest to go down with least impact - at least that's what they tried to make me believe. Yeah, they're nuts.
We experienced pubs 4-9 and then I had to take control of the situation and call it quits for me and Stephen.