March 22, 2006

Big Love Triangle

I’m obsessed with HBO’s new series Big Love. Is it all about sex? Relationships? Religion? You think its one and then the other pops in (or up) a minute later. The message I’m getting so far is that polygamy lets the men screw around with as many women as they want and that maybe the women get as many women as they want? How can a religion be based on nightly sex-capades? Then again, maybe that’s the ideal religion.

I keep thinking about the dynamics between the women and their relationship to Bill the husband. Frankly, I absolutely believe it is not possible to have multiple partners. It is not human nature. Or maybe, it is human nature to compete for dominance and therefore a harem of women is the ideal since they will each fight tooth and nail to be the object of desire – with the goal of pro-creating.

But then you get down to the freak factor. These men are looking down the top of the women’s dresses. Come on, if you have three wives you should be getting “it” enough to not have to wander. Or maybe you’re so tweaked that all you think about is sex? Its more like a college frat house and the oldest female becomes the imposer of rules, the spoil sport.

Frankly, we women look bad on this show. All we can think about is scheduling the man for our time in the sac. How high maintenance and low-intelligence can you get? Perhaps when you are brought into this super juiced world of polygamy at such a young age all you think about is the man, the master, the benefactor.

Give the girl her powder blue car already. At least she’s putting up and putting out.