March 8, 2006

Amazon Care Packages

When I was in sleep-away camp as a kid the best feeling was when you got a care package in the mail. Most kids received boxes filled with goodies like the fake cheese that comes out of a spray can and candy dots. Good stuff like that. If I received a care package, which was rare (my folks just didn't get it) the contents were always funky and didn't make the grade. My grammie would send me healthy brownies made of wholewheat flour and carob wrapped carefully in waxpaper. Of course much more love, health and thought went into these care packages.

Ordering off of gives me that feeling of waiting for a care package. Today, for my birthday (notice subtle birthday mention made unsubtle by pointing it out) Stephen's folks and my parents sent me Amazon gift certificates. I of course spent them in about five minutes on things I didn't need but really want -- cool wine glasses, a massage chair, earings, and books. But even more special is the excitement of waiting for them to arrive. The only fear element, because I always need anxiety in my life, is if they will get stolen from the front of our house. This has been the case with several packages. But Amazon replaces them so I'll let go of that fear.