December 16, 2022

The Year of Accomplishing BHAGs

On January 1, 2022 I began a running streak - meaning - that I vowed to run at least 1 mile a day. The duration of this streak was not decided until a month into the venture. Now it has been every day including today, December 16, 2022. I hope to continue this practice into the new year and beyond as it demonstrates that I can set and accomplish Big goals, dare I say Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs). 

If you asked me on December 23, 2021 if I would run even 1 mile I would have laughed it off - I hated running. Now I love it. This year I participated in three 5K runs and each helped me build focus and confidence. I ran through rain, snow, injuries, and extreme heat along mostly roads, sidewalks and some trails in Connecticut, California, Maryland, Virginia, and New Mexico.

Ironically, usually I advise my clients and students to be aware (or beware) of setting BHAGs because they are hard to achieve. But now that I have pursued several, I know that they can keep you inspired, motivated and on-a-journey. There is the runner's high and also the achievement high of setting an intention and making it a reality. 
Here I am at 2022 Thanksgiving morning 5K Turkey Trot in Virginia.

The next BHAG on my list is to complete my Doctoral dissertation (Doctor of Business Administration) at Golden Gate University. I began this program in 2018 and have taken the slow and steady route of one course per semester. The pandemic allowed me the time to focus on this BHAG. Slow and steady wins the race.

UPDATE: I ran all 365 days in 2022 for a total of 1126.45 miles. The streak continues in 2023.

So, here's to you 2023, the Year of Accomplishing Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

See you at the finish line.