December 29, 2014

Concluding The Year of Clarity, Calm and Confidence

Every year since 2009 I have created a "Year of..." theme that reflects my intention for the coming 12 months. I never expect that I will fully realize my intention - it is more of a direction of thought and action. Here are the Years of since 2009:

2009 The Year of Amy
2010 The Year of Living My Dreams
2011 The Year of Balance
2012 The Year of Being Present
2013 The Year of Connection
2014 The Year of Clarity, Calm and Confidence

Becoming a certified at 500-hours of training as a yoga teacher in 2014 was one of this year's highlights. I certainly practice the 3 C's in preparing and leading each week's Yoga Restoratives class.

This Clarity, Calm and Confidence also plays out in my Fashion Marketing & Management, Culinary Management and Advertising classes. This quarter, Fall 2014, I felt that I finally hit my stride as a full time classroom teacher. This was actually my 5th year anniversary being an instructor. As I've focused on the 3 C's I've become more comfortable in myself and I believe that the students can sense it. 

Probably turning 45 this year also helped with the 3 C's. There's something about 45 that allows you to stand tall, be centered and let the less important "stuff" just roll past you. At 45 I love myself ever more deeply each day.