March 28, 2011

Royal Taj

Mandeep always knows how to get us into the center of action. Marlene and I have just had massages at the Royal Taj hotel where the India National Cricket team are staying in preparation for their big semi-final match against Pakistan on 30 March.

We had to pass through four layers of security just to get in for our massages. Turns out there are terrorist threats against the teams and the hotel. Good thing I didn't know this until after the massage.

While waiting for Marlene to finish her massage I sat by the pool pictured in this photo. Hard to believe that this beautiful pool is a block away from the Notary in my previous post. Also in this photo is Billy, who will be umpiring the game on TV. He and I chatted and he took the time to explain cricket to me. Now I kind of understand the concept. He has quite a life, traveling the world going from match to match. He only spends about 100 days a year in his native New Zealand.