March 6, 2011

Quick CT Visit

My weekend visit to Connecticut was quick but packed with great family and friends visits. Today I went to the first Bat Mitzvah in about 20+ years. Actually, I went to synagogue twice this weekend and that pretty much has me set for the next 20+ years.

Sarah's Bat Mitzvah was amazing. She lead the entire service and read from the Torah like a pro. I was so proud of her. What was really emotional was that her mom, Lori, and I have known each other since we were wee kids. Seeing Sarah up there was very emotional - my friend's daughter is old enough to be Bat Mitzvah-ed.

The party was a blast, seeing long lost friends and family. I keep being surprised that my childhood friends have kids. My life feels so different from their's. I live in an urban, single-gal bubble.