March 25, 2011

Frugality of Time and Money

I foolishly parked in a metered spot outside my apartment last night. But I got out there at 8am and bought a 35 minute parking pass and put it on my dashboard. I was too cheap with time and money to spend the extra dollar and buy a full hour. Sure enough, I got back to my car 2 minutes late, with all my luggage for the airport, and there was the meter "maid" giving me a ticket for $58. I literally begged her to not give me a ticket and she said, "I don't understand why people get so upset."

I've now driven to San Bruno to use BART's long term parking for the airport. It really is a good deal $60 for almost 10 days. However, the BART ticket for the one mile ride to the airport is $6.90. It should really be $1.75 considering that is their lowest fee. Ah yes, am expensive driving day.

I think I need to get new attitude about time and money frugality.