June 2, 2010

Three Years Later It Still Makes Sense

The Center for Cultural Innovation asked me to provide an article for their new website which will launch later this month. In looking through my existing articles, I found one about Board Commitment that we decided would fit the content of their site. They thanked me for being so "prolific" which I guess is another term for extroverted or living out loud.

The article we chose was first written when I lived in the UK and so it has spots of Queen's English. But otherwise, it is all me. In re-reading the article I was amazed at the clarity of my thoughts and how my approach to Board engagement and strategic planning still holds true three years later. When I wrote the article I had only completed a few strategic plans. Since then I have facilitated and created numerous ones and my original methodology still holds true. My approach is core to my belief in leading-together.

When the article publishes on the CCI website I'll include a link.