April 21, 2010

Slowing Down

For the past three months I've been going at full throttle and the intensity is finally taking its toll. I'm craving a slow-down. The UK trip, that I was planning on starting this Friday, would have kept me going at breakneck speed and the uncertainty of it moving forward was becoming quite stressful. I've decided, or perhaps the Volcanic Cloud and British Authorities have influenced me, into deciding to call off the trip. I haven't been able to refund my tickets from Virgin Atlantic as of yet. I may just have to head out to the airport and do it at the check-in desk hours before the flight.

This past weekend I produced an gala dinner for the organization for which I am the Interim Director of Operations and Communications. It went extremely well. Out of 100 points I would give it a 95, which is an A in my grading book. But preparing and presenting that event, in combination with teaching two 8am classes, for which I keep getting up at 5am, has put me in the zombie zone. Plus, an extended evening of unexpected fun the night before the event was wonderful, but it added to the sleep deprivation.

Today I have taken it easy. Took a long mid-morning nap and feeling the benefits of fifty extra winks. Plus, I've scheduled a day at the Calistoga Spa and Hot Springs for myself next week. Yes, I am disappointed about not getting to the UK, London and Scotland, but I am feeling blood start to recurlate in my brain as I slow down the speed boat and get back onto my current time zone.