April 29, 2010

Selling Out

On Piedmont Avenue, where I live in Oakland, there are at least five cafes within a block of each other. I regularly frequent one, Caffe Trieste, for meet-ups with friends and indulging late night snack attacks. Sometimes I head over to Gaylord's for a decaf chai but always regret it because the taste varies from gross to disgusting. Plus, they don't take ATM cards.

This morning the sun is out and so I am inspired to take a walk and then actually splurge on breakfast. It started out as an intention to purchase breakfast staples at either my favorite grocer Monte Mart or the uberly expensive Piedmont Grocery. It is so early that both aren't open yet.

As I went from cafe to cafe, looking for granola and yogurt, I noticed Starbucks which is pretty much shunned on our progressive street. Oh what the heck. I'll go in. Peete's has a line out the door but Starbucks is totally empty. Now I know why, soulless. I bought an overly packaged instant oatmeal, when I could have made a delicious bowl of organic steele cut oats at home.

Well, I had to give it a try.
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