April 2, 2010

Parking for All on Behalf of Kaiser

I finally, after having Fiona for two months, have obtained my parking sticker. Now I can park my sweet car and not move her every two hours. Yes, that was the status quo for way too long because I couldn't find the two hours to get to Oakland City Hall to get the permit.

The best news is that the permit was free because Kaiser Hospital, my neighbor, pays for all our neighborhood permits. To think that all this time I had been denying them the opportunity to pay for my needs. Especially ironic now that I no longer use Kaiser as my health services provider.

But wait, it gets better. My neighbor Alina informed me that I can get visitor permits for one day blocks and two week periods. So now I have ample permits for friends and family.

Fiona now holds on to her gas, with the locking gas cap, and she gives away visitor parking permits. What a hostess.
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