January 6, 2010

Taking it a Step Higher

Yesterday I reached two career goals that are taking me to the next level in my leadership evolution. These accomplishments seem sudden on one hand, but they've been years in development. Or, I've been years in development.

The first is that I have been elected as President of the Board of Pro Arts, an artist service and exhibition organization based here in Oakland. I've been involved in the organization for years - acting as a Board consultant and also as an Artist-Member. Over the past six months in particular the organization has found its footing by taking over a gallery space on the Frank H. Ogawa Plaza in Oakland's City Center. Their level of professionalism has increased and I'm impressed. Being involved in a leadership role, that is steeped in accountability, has me jazzed. I know that under the direction of Executive Director, Margo Dunlap, the organization is in good hands. We're going to make a great team - taking it to the next level.

The second is being hired on as the Interim Director of Operations and Communications for an Education Foundation based in San Francisco. This organization, which I'll identify in later a post, provides amazing college-prep programs for High School students. I've had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer over the past year. Several of my colleagues are involved in the organization and I trust them and clearly they trust me.

Both of these roles take me to the next level in my career. Now is my opportunity to utilize my leadership teaching and put it into practice. Stepping into my stretch zone in 2010 and living my dreams. Now to work on my art!