January 23, 2010

A Full House

My apartment easily converts from a one person abode into a four person hotel. Grammie, Mom and Dad are visiting and I've set my folks up in the living room. Some of my friends think that this is outrageous, but we are very Kweskin which means we like to be cheap and cheerful - or what we call, casual.

Grammie and I are actually sharing a bed. It is a little bit weird, I suppose, but not really. When I asked Grammie if this would be OK with her she said, "I haven't shared a bed with someone in years, I wonder how it will be." Well, I think it is turning out fine. She sleeps soundly and I'm getting use to sharing my bet with someone since it has been years for me as well.

We had numerous cousins over for dinner last night and now know that my place can seat at least nine for dinner. However, this requires that the bedroom be loaded with all other extra furniture and you have to pass through that tornado zone to get to the bathroom. Never a dull moment in the Kweskin household.