December 18, 2009

Spider Bites

It seems that I was bitten by a spider, on my face. I'm obsessing about it because the bite is in the center for my forehead and it is, well, quite obvious. Today in class I announced to my students, "I may be 40 but this is not a zit on my forehead, it is a spider bite." At break, one of the students said, "it actually isn't noticeable." Very sweet.

The bite has caused an intense breakout of bumps on my eyelid and nose. It is so itchy and I am quite distracted by it. This week I've been going on some dates and prior to each date I've emailed the "date" to say, "I have an impressive spider bite on my forehead." I figure it is better to put it out there, rather than hoping they don't notice.

Part of this defensive approach I am taking is probably due to the fact that I pride myself on having really clear skin. Now I have bumps and they are becoming the topic of conversation. All kinds of theories and cures have been thrown my way. We'll see which works.