December 9, 2009

Feeling the Love from Copenhagen

Although I wasn't physically in Copenhagen this week my colleague Martin has made sure that I am there virtually. For the past three days he has skyped me at 1am Denmark time, to give me highlights from the Culture Futures conference for which he is Master of Ceremonies. He never seems to be tired in these calls, but I think it will hit him this weekend when he returns to London.

He makes me feel valued in each of these calls as I offer feedback, suggestions and observations. What a tremendous opportunity I have to be linked to someone so inclusive. He is an inspiration.

As this global initiative moves forward I hope to keep supporting Martin behind the scenes and perhaps have occasion to be there live and in person some time soon. My intention is to visit the UK in March.

Tomorrow I am attending a training in learning to facilitate Open Space meetings. It is an approach to convenings that allows the participants to create the agenda priorities and generate solutions in real time. Martin would like me to share my learnings with him and to see if we can use the approach online to move Culture Futures forward. Our friend and co-collaborator Leah is trained in this as well so here we again have a chance to work together.
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