September 19, 2009


Over the past 24 hours I've recognized a new sense of spaciousness. I think the transition arrived through my yoga class at Yoga in the Middle on Thursday evening. Nancy asked us to notice the space between the in-breath and out-breath. It felt roomy, spacious, warm and allowed my breath freedom to move around in a circle, up, over and down again. The space is in my belly and in my throat, two areas that have been congested for so long.

With this new spaciousness I am experiencing better sleep, a full eight hours and minimal tossing and turning. In the morning I wake up and my sheets and blankets are still spread evenly across the bed. For years my sleep has been filled with tossing and turning. I am still having vivid dreams.

The spacious feeling is allowing me to clear out the corners of my thoughts, streamlining them to the present with less noodling on the past and future.

Perhaps this sense is being further supported by the new apartment and all the space that is mine, with my things. Also the clearing out of all kinds of old posessions. There are more to go soon.

During this morning's yoga class at Alameda Yoga Station, again with Nancy, I noticed the spacious breathing as well as space in my joints and a new release of the muscles for deeper, more balanced poses. Plus, much room for laughter. I looked around the room and felt so much love for and from my fellow yogis.