September 6, 2009

Smash Up

I am like a little kid this summer as I keep crashing my bike. When you ride as much as I do I suspect it is bound to happen. This time I was crossing the railroad tracks at Jack London Square in Oakland and my wheel got stuck. Down I went, right next to a train running on the parallel track. Luckily it was stationary.

A few folks hanging around asked if I was OK. One man stayed by my side as I evaluated the damage. Now I have matching knee bruises and the palms of both hands are black and blue. He said that he had the same accident a few years ago and we both agreed that falling off your bike is sucky.

The only other person to ask if I was OK was a 10 year old boy. I instantly saw a future for him in community outreach.

Ike is a bit damaged. There is a part scraping against the chain. A good reason for me to visit my guys at Alameda Bicycle at Fruitvale BART.