September 1, 2009

Moving Day!

Nearly everything is packed, took me an hour. Now I'm starting to bring my stuff downstairs from my attic oasis. Next to load everything into my City Car Share truck. Then over to the new place to do a condition inspection, unload the truck and then wait for the Door to Door container delivery.

When the container arrives I'm then heading back to Alameda High Street to hire two day laborers. Stacey, my current housemate, is going with me to help with the hiring. Then back to the house to pick up a few final large items. Finally, off to the new place to unload the container. All this and then I take the truck back to Fruitvale BART, pick up Ike the Bike from Alameda Bicycle's valet parking (bike day care) and then take BART to MacArthur, my new station.

Off we go!