July 27, 2009

Four Wheels for a Week

My cousin Ben and I made a deal: I take care of his cats for a week and I can use his car for the same period. I actually picked up the car last week before heading to DC and stored it in Rene's driveway. I have to admit that it was very convenient being able to drive it home this morning although I did miss chatting with Rene as he drove me home on his way to the train.

Here's what I am already noticing about having four wheels full time. I drove to Trader Joe's and the bank instead of walking and they are just a block from my house. However, these two trips were tacked on to other driving excursions, one being my yoga class in Castro Valley. The car ride to yoga seemed to take as long as riding BART. Some of this time may be attributed to me getting a bit spun around looking for highway entrances.

But I am also noticing that on a bike I can more easily merge onto the road and take spontaneous shortcuts in heavy traffic. In fact, I don't even notice the traffic when I'm bike riding because I fit so nicely between the cars and the curb or in the bike lane.

I am also developing a concern that I will eat at my regular level and not burn the calories. Maybe I should use the high cost of gas as a motivator instead.