November 5, 2008

We the Electorate, In Order to Form a More Perfect Union

The electorate spoke for change and by pulling together we are now moving in a new direction. It was a long road to electing Obama and the train that got us there was driven by volunteers and powered by the technology. Could we have been as successful without the internet?

We used our internet-based social networks to get out to the vote. We used our cell phones to call swing states. We drove our cars around the country to implement voter drives. We carried a message of hope, a message of change, an undying optimism that brought us together towards change as opposed to four more years of living in fear.

Watching the electoral votes stack up for both candidates I had my arms and legs wrapped like pretzels - my expression of concern. Even after McCain's concession speech I was not yet believing that our hopes would come true. Finally seeing Obama and his family standing on stage I felt somber hope for the future and hearing his victory speech I was proud of our country's leadership and the possibility of regaining respect and influence around the world.
Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity and Unyielding Hope!