November 8, 2008

Back in the Bayou

I am back in Houston for the National Arts Marketing conference and it feels fantastic to be here. The past couple of days I was getting worried about my visit. Didn't know how it would feel to be back here, especially considering al my stuff is in storahe in some mystery Houston location. I have the opportunity to go visit it but what's the point really? I'm doing fine with my few posessions in Alameda.

Driving out of Houston's Hobby airport in my snazzy rental car a few hours ago the first thing I noticed is that this city smells like BBQ. A lovely welcoming fragerance. My friend Sara is hosting me this week andher cozy little garage apartment is about six blocks from my former Houston home. Driving around is like re-drawing latent map ib my mind - the same experience I had upon returning to San Francisco four months ago.

I had some Tex Mex for dinner at Chuye's which I actually only dined at once in the ten months I lived here in 2005-06.Would you believe I even bought one of the restaurant's t-shirts? It has martinis on the front and says "group therapy". I think I needed a Houston full-on experience to get in the Sothern groove. Let's just hope I don't meet any Palmetto bugs.

This blog was actually launched when I moved to Houston! Am I retracing my steps?