August 20, 2008

A ReGenXer Contemplates 40

A few months ago my aunt asked me how I was planning to celebrate my 40th birthday next year. The question took me by huge surprise as I hadn't even been thinking about my "big 40". Gosh, I was just settling into being 39.

After getting over the initial shock of the question I started experiencing a series of emotions. Disappointment came up. My dreams of starting a family had been derailed, temporarily, with the end of my marriage. But that feeling of loss was soon replaced by anticipation. What would my life look like in 6 months?

Now I am seeing my March 8 birthday as a benchmark. It is a start, end and continuation date. This relates to the articulation of my personal and professional goals. What drives me forward? What gets my mojo pumping?

Ultimately I am working towards a huge and ongoing celebration of me and my friends who are, in bulk, also turning 40 next year. I propose that we embrace the year, savor our friendships, rejoice in our evolution and reaffirm our dreams.

Bring it on!

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