July 20, 2008

10 Course Tuscan Dinner Anyone?

My friend Dave has an amazing group of musical friends who love to cook and entertain. For the past seven years they have been presenting 10 course Tuscan dinners for lucky silent auction top bidders around the San Francisco Bay Area. The first one sold for a little over $100 and now they are going for thousands of dollars. What a fantastic fundraising idea!

I had the pleasure of participating as a prep cook and waitron at last night's extravaganza. Let's just say that the volunteer staff eats just as well as the 10 guests. Starting at 1pm and working through to 10pm we ate, cooked, cleaned, served and sang. Well, they sang and I listened. The guests commented that it sounded like we were having even more fun in the kitchen then they were having in the dining room.

Highlights from the meal included Red and Green Gazpachos, Pork Ragu with Polenta and two kids of Tiramisu - regular and Berrymisu which uses berries and citrus liquor instead of chocolate and coffee. The hosts to their menu to a wine shop and had each course paired with a lovely wine. In the kitchen we had our own supply too. Luckily we had lots of leftovers so I'll be enjoying this meal again over the next couple of days.

Here is Dave cooking the Pork Ragu and a photo of the Gazpacho ready to go out to guests.

I've linked to recipes but these are not the ones used by our Chef Jonathon Moon.