May 5, 2008

Spring in the City

Matt and I ran some errands in DC yesterday. Started at The Smithsonian where Matt works in the Entomology Department. Got to see some of the new interactive butterfly exhibition and kids holding bugs while parent slowly inched backwards.

We headed to Trader Joe's for a free BBQ and essential groceries. So good to be shopping there again. Funny thing - the food seemed so much more expensive than in London.

The day was absolutely beautiful - warm but not too hot or humid, breezy and sunny. Even got a bit of a sunburn. Here's Matt & Rachel's house with its beautiful spring yard.

When I was imaging moving to DC I kept seeing this exact setting - the lawn chairs looking out over the Potomac's cliffs. All this just a block from M&R's place. How's that for city living?

This Monday morning I'm listening to NPR on WAMU with their familiar "new member campaign" better known as the fund drive. Next heading out to open a bank account and finally get a cell phone!