May 9, 2008

Keeping it Simple and Savvy

Have you heard of the KISS theory - Keep it Simple Stupid? I've changed it to Keeping it Simple and Savvy and that's the new approach to my online presence. Would you believe I was paying $19.99 a month for over two years for a Yahoo email service I didn't even need? Bravo to the person who sold it to me. At that rate I should now own a corner office at Yahoo that I paid for in full.

Up until about an hour ago I had four email addresses, two websites and two blogs. Now I'm down to two email addresses one website and two blogs. Getting closer to KISS. - KISSED it goodbye - Up and running!

Just logged on to my downgraded Yahoo account and now see that I was paying $19.99 a month to supress ads on my calendar/notes/contacts and non-custom email page. I think I can handle the ads.