April 30, 2008

Tired of Saying Goodbye

Yes, I just deleted that blog in about a split second and that's how I'm feeling about so many relationships I have made in these cities that I keep living in for brief periods. San Francisco was difficult because I lived there for 15 years and friends were like family. Then Houston for 10 months and in that short period of time I made some excellent friendships that were as strong as San Francisco ones.

Now London and I'm saying goodbye again and again. This time around I'm feeling it even deeper. It is actually breaking my heart. In fact, I think I resisted making deep friendships here because I knew it was a temporary stay. Despite that in the past couple of months I've gotten closer to some amazing people and now it is goodbye again. Enough goodbyes. I want to settle down.

I had a fantastic send-off from work today. Our retreat went extremely well. Then we went bowling and had diner food. My team got me all kinds of beautiful little things to take back to the States. Each object was in my style - they really know me.