April 19, 2008

Brighton Beach

Pauline and I took a day trip to out to Brighton yesterday, an adventure we've been planning for weeks. It was a typical English spring day - cold, windy and no sun, perfect for exploring this seaside holiday destination. Taking the day off from work makes every hour a special treat and the day was over in a blink of the eye.

Although I haven't been to Brighton Beach in the US I imagine it is much like its UK namesake. There was a boardwalk, plenty of fish and chip shops, tarot card readers, cheap jewelry stores, and "art galleries". However one big difference was the beach. The Victorians didn't like sand and so the beach was filled with small rocks instead. Actually it made a nice change as the rocks were filled with all kinds of shells and unusual seaweed that got stuck each time the tide went in and out. We even found a seahorse (which I wish I had taken a photo of but didn't). It was so beautiful even though it was dried up. Pauline has it for safekeeping.

The above photo is of a burnt out boardwalk that Pauline tells me is surrounded by much controversy - some people loved it and some hated it. I like how it looks now, like a skeleton, but I imagine it is not a lovely piece on the horizon when the sun is shining and you just want to enjoy the view.
Pauline loves scary carnival rides and as you know I don't. We were able to find one that we both enjoyed - one of those twisting seats that turns as the ride spins around and you listen to bad 80s pop music. It was grand! We laughed and screamed like the teenage girls in the cart next to us. What fun!
We ended our day with afternoon tea and scones at the Grand Hotel overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. What an indulgence. Nothing compares to fresh scones, clotted cream and raspberry jam with a hot cup of peppermint tea while sitting in over sized fancy chairs watching the waves.

Pauline took a good photo of me at the beach and I love this portrait of her pouring tea.