April 6, 2008

Attempt to Grab Olympic Torch in London Relay

The BBC has a video of the attempt by a protester to grab the Olympic Torch that I mentioned in an earlier post today. This is why I saw the police officers jumping out of the van. You can see the Notting Hill Carnival dancers in the distance. This area is called Ladbroke Grove. I was pretty much 100 yards behind the camera taking this video (links to article and video on BBC). You can tell from the video that the entire incident was over and done in about 20 seconds. I'm impressed the police let the relay continue. The show must go on.

The BBC says, "The former Blue Peter presenter Konnie Huq spoke to the BBC about the incident in which someone tried to snatch the Olympic torch from her grasp."

Check out this article from an online Chinese publication which doesn't even mention the attempted torch grab although it talks about the Carnival.