July 23, 2007

Setting the Scene

A reflection on the leadership think tank...

Title: 10 Animated People
Players: 10 arst and culture management professionals from around the country (one from London). Some are consultants, a couple are administrators and several run management service programs. This is a mix of emerging, midcareer and seasoned professionals.

Audience: 7 staff members and 3 graduate school students called summer scholars. These are just observers who took a pledge to not speak during the 12 hours of conversation.

Location: Meeting room in a Washington DC corporate office. Six tables are formed into a square with giant board room chairs around them.

Props: Flip charts, colored markers and bottles of water.

Objective: To determine what it means to be a leaders in arts and culture management.

Rules: Play nice, listen, be non-judgemental, follow the facilitator.

Curtain opens to reveal eighteen people sitting around a table, each in a different posture, some having side conversations and two women standing near flip charts attempting to guide the conversation.

To discover what we discussed visit my other blog http://www.careergoals.blogspot.com/.