February 1, 2007

Show Me the Holidays

Tomorrow is my first official day off from work - better known as annual leave - whereas in the states it is called taking a vacation day. In the US you have to savor your vacation days, if you even get any, like dulling out your favorite dessert. But not here. Oh yes, I’m living large.

Go ahead, guess how many vacation days I get? You got a number, now multiply it by two. Yes, I’m sitting pretty.

25 days of annual leave
8 bank holidays
8 days associated with bank holidays
Grand Total: 41 lovely vacation days

Plus, I’m carrying over two vacation days from last year bringing the total to 43. So, as you can see, I'm not at all concerned about taking a day off in February just because I need some Amy-time.

Wish you were here, don’t you?