February 5, 2007

Post #365!

Well, this is post #365 and I'm happy to say that I love writing the blog. I hope you enjoy reading it.

Here's the real post...

Americans in London: A Panel Discussion

The British Library presented a panel discussion this evening called Over here: Americans in London (FYI – the British do not capitalise all the words in a headline so “here” is deliberately lower case. They also don’t seem to use FYI – for your information. I sent an email with fyi and the recipient that I was saying F*** You Idiot.)

The panelists were Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Mary Jordan of the Washington Post, Author James Pfiffner of George Mason University and Loyd Grossman who seems to be a British icon and no longer has any whisper of his Boston accent. All gave their take on life as an American in the London and I could totally relate to their tales. Pfiffner has been here a month, Jordan 18 months and Grossman 30+ years.

Some memorable take-aways:

Is it England, Great Britain, Britain or the United Kingdom? Only foreigners who now hold UK passports will ever call themselves Britains because anyone born here first identifies with being Scottish, English, Welsh or Irish.

Some say that there isn’t a class system in the US. George W. Bush is evidence of a US class system. Here you can tell someone’s class by their socks.

Britains and Americans are family, that’s why there is so much fascination between the two countries.

You have to boil water to make great tea and that’s why American tea isn’t great.

The British aren’t so socially bold as to use bumper stickers on their cars.