February 23, 2007

Mission Driven Math

When I was a Freshman in college I enrolled in Microeconomics – or was it Macroeconomics? I lasted a few weeks and then dropped the course. I had never heard business speak prior to the class and it wasn’t fitting into my artist/photography student head. Math in general was not a strong spot. In fact, I scored so poorly in math that I was not allowed to take computer courses in college. How’s that for old school logic?

Well, now I love creating business strategies that are bottomline focused. My favourite tool is Excel. I regularly willingly volunteer to be the one who puts the numbers into a spreadsheet and creates financial forecasts. Yes, I embrace =sum(A2:A10)*B3.

I’m finding that in the charity, not for profit, nonprofit, volunteer organisation world I am a rarity. People are mission driven, which is essential but often find it difficult to link the vision to business acumen. Every day I drive joy from wearing two hats - being the translator between math and mission.