February 7, 2007

Doing the Snow Dance

Snow snow snow
Yippee hi ho
Tomorrow it will glow
Snow snow snow

Oh yes, it is supposed to snow ten inches tonight and I am so excited. All day I’ve been excited ever since hearing the weather report this morning. Poor Stephen was trying to sleep but I kept doing the snow snow snow dance.

All the sidewalks are prepped with sand and salt. Now they’re doing the streets. This is one pro-active city. Not even a flake has fallen. They know it is going to be chaos tomorrow when it snow snow snows. The Tube can barely handle rain.

This morning on my walk to the Tube I encountered a photographer with two giant digital Nikon cameras slung around his neck. We smiled at each other, which is very rare in this city, and then he held up an ice scraper. Secret message?

Paparazzi: Can I take your photo scraping the ice off that car?

Amy: Why? How are you going to use it?

Paparazzi: Its for the newspaper. I need photos showing that its cold.

Amy: (bundled in warm outfit) Okay. Do you have permission to scrape the ice off that car?

Paparazzi: Oh yeah sure, I’ve been having people scrape the ice off these cars all morning.

Amy: OK.

Paparazzi: Look at me and smile at the camera while you scrape.
(takes multiple flash photos in five seconds with both cameras)

Paparazzi: Great, thanks, don’t be surprised if you see this in a national newspaper that identifies you with a made-up name.

Amy: Cheers. (is this journalism) I don’t even have a license much less a car.

Paparazzi: Grazzi as they say in Italy.

Well, I think he said the Express newspaper. I bought it after work, stood at the newsstand and flicked through every bloody page but no photos of me. Almost famous.

Tomorrow they’ll get great shots of me doing the snow snow snow dance!